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FOODIE FRIDAY: Henry’s on the Farm

Henry’s on the Farm is located in Milton, NY as part of the Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa Resort.
Tamara: “It’s really hard to surprise me. I usually can figure it out ahead of time, but this time I really had no idea where we were going. Bella really surprised me with this one!”
Bella: “Present! So!…
We parked the car in a small, unpaved lot just beyond the restaurant. Our walk to the restaurant was short but wonderful. Smells of fresh grass and warm air consumed the atmosphere. The quacks and squawks of the ducks and geese that spread across the land filled the air.
We walked across a small bridge and onto the walkway toward the restaurant. The outside of the restaurant was a beautiful red wood panel complimented by dark grey wood slats. A cute round sign that read “Henry’s on the farm” sat on top of the front door.
We entered the dark green and glass front door and ascended the wooden staircase to the dining room.
The dining room was beautifully decorated in a country chic style. Leather chairs were paired with intimate wooden tables. Huge light bulbs hung from the ceiling and emitted a warm comfortable light. The wooden bar was set off to the right and appeared to be stocked fairly well.

FOODIE FRIDAY: Restaurant Review of Henry’s on the Farm- Lesbian
Tamara (left) and Bella (right)

We decided to sit outside since the summer gods were working in our favor. The outside seating area was small, but since it was not overly crowded we had the place to ourselves.
Our server was a delightful personality stocked with red hair and a wealth of knowledge about the restaurant.
She began by explaining the specials to us then adding the tip that everything on the menu was either grown on the farm itself, harvested from the animals on the farm, or made from their personal bakery.
One of the specials was a clam dish in a white wine sauce. So OBVIOUSLY we had to get that. We shared the clams and a Caesar salad to start.
You know when clams are good when you have to ask for bread to soak up the juice just so you don’t waist and ounce of the deliciousness. I believe Tamara had said the clams were so good she could have bathed in the sauce! But you know don’t quote me on that…she’s a quirky one. The Caesar salad was about average.
Tamara ordered the wild mushroom Florentine Omelet with Tomato and Cheddar She did however substitute the cheese for Feta. It’s an addiction of hers. She always says, “Everythin’s betta with feta!”
I ordered the Country Breakfast Wrap that came with Vermont Cheddar, Peppers, Onions and Chicken Sausage. Both of our meals had a side of Country Potatoes and Fresh Fruit.
The Eggs were beyond amazing! And I’m going to credit that to the fact that they were the fresh eggs from the farm. It was a bit greasy, but definitely worth the try!
The idea that all our food was Farm to Table was just something you couldn’t overlook. Everything was exuding freshness.
FOODIE FRIDAY: Restaurant Review of Henry’s on the Farm- Lesbian
Photo Credit: Tamara Bachelder

After we finished eating, our server stayed and talked to us. She educated us on the owner and the farm. The owner saved all the animals on the grounds. He either nursed them back to health or raised them to the point that his kids looked at the goats like they were there dogs.
Fun fact: the owner’s son’s name is Henry. The restaurant is named after him.
We paid up, thanked her for the great experience and left the restaurant all smiles.
Now, in a normal situation this is where the dining experience would end. Howeva! I didn’t pick this place for nothing.
The land is so beautiful you are compelled to have a stroll. If you are looking for a creative date/getaway this is it.
The acres upon acres are filled with small cottages (that you can rent!). And to my fellow human bodies wanting to impress their counterparts, this is a great spot!
We walked around hand in hand enjoying the sunshine and found our way to a spot that overlooked the Hudson River. 10 points for Bella, Tamara couldn’t stop smiling. Not to mention, the bonus points for being a gay couple and feeling very comfortable being here.
We finally made our way back to the car stopping first to look at the farm and animals. Llamas, chickens, goats, and alllllpacas!
Today’s Gold Star goes to…………………The Clams!!!! No surprise there.

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