My Top 10 Hate Comments of 2016

Meg Cale

One of the consequences of being so open and public with my life is the amount of trolling and hate comments I get on the internet. It sucks, but it comes with the territory of what I do. I try to use filters on the social networks that allow it to block some of them. So ya know – I’m not getting 50 anti-queer slurs on my Instagram photos a day… but this year I also decided to track them on a spread sheet – lest my head get too big in all my new found blogging glory (jk – that’s def not a thing). I picked out some of my personal favorites for you to enjoy. 


My theory is that it hurts me to see the comments on the backend but it hurts my community to view them on my page. I’ve been accused of censorship but to be very blunt. IDGAF. My little parking spots on the internet are not here for bigoted comments.

One of my favorite bloggers, Gloria Atanmo, releases her top hate comments of each year. I borrowed the idea (with permission) from her. So make sure you show her some love and check out her site. I particularly love her commentary on life as a black female digital nomad.

Okay back to the bigots.  comments – I mean comments.

I’ve been saving this list all year for this post. Because this is my job- and ya know – I gotta eat – so I can’t really talk shit respond to most of these commenters and still pay my bills, sponsors frown on that.

I’ve bottled all my sarcasm, sass and pettiness just for you. Cause I know you love some good internet drama.
Fair warning – there’s some strong language, threats of violence, lots of anti-LGBT rhetoric, and general asshatery below this image. Just throwing it out there.

Here’s a pretty image of a pride flag – use it as your escape while you still can….

Take this off my feed it a disgrace and nasty. I’ve been nice about this being on my feed and now it’s time to offend everyone. fag is nasty and people who support them GBLT are just as bad. You all think I’m crazy Ik you do but Idgafc😊 I wanna offend every single one of you cause this fag crap offend me. I don’t want anything to do with this I don’t want anything to do with the heshe’s the queers or any of you just stop putting this on my fead this crap should be against the law like if your gay keep it to your self. Now please do not ever show this on my feed again or things will get bad”


Get an editor – That is all.

“in what alternate universe did The Lord God Almighty ever say that it is acceptable for people of the same gender to become one in marriage? Or even in relationships? My parents raised me the right way. Anything I do I’m life is either right or wrong. And homosexuality is completley wrong. And don’t label me a homophobe. That would mean that I fear them. I don’t. i believe that what they stand for is wrong.”

Eat a dick, sir. Oh & I’m not labeling you a homophobe – just an uneducated asshat. THANKS FOR COMMENTING – DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE.

Cordially yours,




Here’s a photo of me being unbothered.


In a Facebook DM from a random tour operator I’ve never met.

“Why you don’t like men sexually?”

I’m allergic to nuts.

“You sound like a whiny cunt. Your traveling around the globe for free i bet you’re sucking cock to pay for it and saying you “freelance” is code for whoring yourself. Fuck ur complaining. your’re american twat would be sucking my cock for free in my country.”  

Do you kiss your momma with that mouth? For the record, I love my job about 70% of the time. Yes, I get to travel the world and no I’m not a sex worker. But more power to those who use sex work as a means to accomplishing their goals.
You may have noticed that I’m a feminist – which means I believe that women have the right to make their own choices about their bodies. Slut shaming me – or anyone else – doesn’t mean anything in the grand scheme of life. We’d still be traveling the world, own our own businesses and not giving a fuck what anonymous trolls on the internet have to say about it. Also; go fuck yourself.


In response to just about everything I’ve ever posted on Reddit.


“Gay” dyke” “gaaayyyyy” “fag” “queer”

That last one’s my favorite.

I’m bored with these comments. I deleted 1,233 one word slurs across all of my social channels this year. That’s gotta be a record right? I like to fantasize about what I’d do with all that time I’ve spent deleting comments. I figure it probably takes me about 3 seconds to spot the comment and another 2 seconds to press the delete button. That means I spent 102 minutes (roughly – listen I’m not a mathematician – I get paid to sass people on the internet). If I could get that 102 minutes of my year back, what could I do? Hmmm get a mani/pedi? Read my copy of the feminist manifesto? Take a nap? Ohhh the options.



In response to a Facebook Post about the Pulse Nightclub shootings.

“Orlando shooter for president” and “Faggots got what was coming to them” annnnddddd “Faggots can suck the end of my AK” and “You’re the reason Pulse was shot up”

These all came from the same user- I don’t even need to respond to this one because I took some screenshots and sent them to his commanding officer. Yup – he was in the Army and stupid enough to post this bullshit on the internet.

Here’s are some pretty image of some calming things…  use them and visualize a world where trolls don’t leave anonymous hate comments online or actually believe that mass homicide is a reasonable action.



In response to me liking her photos on Instagram.

“Why are you liking my pictures when you’re obviously in a relationship?”

There are no friendships in the Lesbian Games – only prey. 

“Fucking hell! I am sick and tired of these psycho-fags rubbing their sexuality in everyone’s faces. Homosexuality is not a crime in the West, leave the rest of us alone and get on with your day instead of wasting it by telling us why you’re “oppressed” while you don’t even live in Africa or the Middle East where you’d be dead right now.”

“Not a crime” is a pretty low bar for standards of human rights. Also; read a book you uneducated fuck.

In response to a wedding photo on Instagram

“Y u dykes?”

Hmmmm…. Give me a minute – let me see if I can come up with a straight answer.

Get it? HA

In response to numerous posts

“Go Kill Yourself” “Die” “Drink Bleach” “KYS” “JUST DRINK BLEACH” “CLOROX”


Okay – I’m going to get serious here for a minute.

As much as I want to tell these kids to go fuck themselves when they leave these comments, I usually take the time to send them a DM and tell them about a good friend of mine who really did kill himself in 2006. I also leave them the numbers for some suicide hotlines and remind them that the words they say online really do have an impact for some people.
They usually either respond with more hate or don’t respond at all. Which is why I have a block button.

In the first three months of 2016, I received 73 comments telling me to kill myself. I stopped counting these comments after March. It was too dark for me to deal with. If you’re thinking about suicide consider reaching out to The Trevor Project at 1-866-488-7386. You can call, text or IM on their website.


Here’s a photo of me eating Linds’ ice cream to break the mood.


99% of these comments I disregard, delete, and go about my day. No sweat off my back. I’ve even posted some of the funnier ones on Facebook this past year.

They say that you should only take comments worth a grain of salt. I’d be lying if I said they didn’t at times impact me, because they do. Everyone has things that hit home for them. Recently I was accused of using my blog to get “validation from strangers.” Which is kind of hilarious to me because I probably get twice as many hate comments as I do positive comments. I had to take almost a full week away from the Internet after the Pulse Shooting because I just couldn’t handle it. I had nightmares and got physically ill that week. I try my best to shield the community from the ignorance but it doesn’t always work out that way. Everyone has their limits.

The homophobes, wild #TRUMP2016 people, and overtly sexual messages have actually helped me open my perspective to the world. They definitely keep me humble, lest I ever let my meager internet following go to my head. But they also force me to remember how much work we still have to do in this world. The battle for LGBT equality didn’t end with marriage in the US.
I create my content for our community. Hopefully, queer folks can find a nugget of information or entertainment with what I’m doing. If not, that’s cool too. I do this because I love it. Sure – it pays my bills, and I’m not naive enough to believe that my travel blog is curing cancer or anything, but if I help one person stay safe while traveling I’ll have met my goal.

Thank you to all of you who took the time to like my posts and send me love on the internet. Your beauty really helps me balance the hate. I appreciate your more than I can ever articulate in this post, you’re a ray of light in my life. <3



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