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Girlfriend Adventures to Help You Get Out of Your Daily Rut

I’ve been in a relationship for nearly three years. We’ve lived in different countries, states and cities over the course of our relationship. We’ve spent as much time apart as we have together. We make it work by making sure that we never fall into a day to day rut of just walking through the motions. In previous relationships, I’ve found myself doing the same things day after day. We’d have dinner dates at the same place we’d always go. Lindsay and I made a vow to ensure that doesn’t happen to us and you can too. Isn’t it time to shake things up a bit and head out on an adventure? Check out these girlfriend adventures that help you to get out of your daily rut.

Get Out of the Country

Seriously, it is not that hard, especially if you are in the US. Check flights.google.com and hit Explore and it will come back with flights for all over the world. Find the one that matches your budget and book it. It isn’t hard to find a last minute flight from Houston to Costa Rica for under $300 round trip! I realize that an extra $300 isn’t accessible for everyone. Day trips are awesome too. For my friends that live on the West Coast or in the Southwest, there is nothing like a road trip to spend a weekend in Mexico. Just four hours south of Phoenix is Rocky Point, Mexico, which is a safe border town right on the Sea of Cortez. For my East Coasters, most of the major cities are just a short drive or Mega Bus ride away. Last summer Lindsay and I took a day trip to Philly which was just an hour drive south of where we were living. We visited Philly Magic Garden and spent the day touring the South Street neighborhood. Your getaway doesn’t have to be far away or expensive. The perfect way to get out of your daily rut is by visiting a new area and enjoying some good old fashioned quality time together. Trust me.

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Opt Outside

No matter where you live, you can usually get outside of the city in a couple of hours. A fun adventure is grabbing a map and closing your eyes and pointing. Go there. It might be the smallest town ever with no Starbucks in sight, but just remember, it is about the time spent with your person getting there. Check out the area for a cool hike that will take you to a breathtaking view. Sit down by the river and reconnect with each other. Being outside opens you up and helps you to recenter. Bring along a backpack filled with cheese, olives, fruit, and of course, wine. Sounds like a pretty amazing way to spend the day or a weekend.

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Be Adventurous

You’ve done the spa together and have seen countless movies, but have you gone outside your comfort zone? If brunch & relaxing is more your thing, why not try a fitness class, skydiving or zip lining? If you’re normally a competitive type, why not visit a museum, participate in an art class or attend an interesting lecture. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be hit or miss, but it always makes a good memory. One time I took Lindsay to an Andrea Gibson slam poetry reading and she ended up loving the experience. You never know what you’ll take to if you don’t give it an honest try.
These are just a few ideas for girlfriend adventures to get your out of your daily rut. Which ones speaks to you?

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