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Queer and Lesbian Swimsuits Allowing You to Embrace Your Individuality

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck in the hot sun instead of diving in refreshing water, if that’s where you want to be. Finding a swimsuit you feel comfortable in is hard for a lot of people. Being trans, nonbinary, or gender non-confirming can add a specific layer of difficulty when trying to find a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable. 

It is long past time to ditch the soggy sports bar and move on to something made to actually swim in Enter Queer and Lesbian Swimwear. There are finally brands making swimwear that is made to suit our unique needs and our fabulous bodies. From stylish board shorts to swim binders, packing bottoms, and compression shirts we’ve got it all.

Breaking free from traditional norms, lesbian swimsuits have gained prominence, offering a much-needed departure from stereotypical women’s swimwear. These empowering designs cater to the preferences of lesbian individuals, promoting comfort and confidence without compromising style. From flattering cuts to bold patterns, these swimsuits are all about embracing our truest selves.

Moreover, “Tomboy Swimwear” emerges as an exciting category, catering to those who prefer a more androgynous look. Striking the perfect balance between sporty and chic, these suits redefine gender boundaries and exemplify that swimwear should be for anyone and everyone.

We’re diving into the fascinating world of queer and lesbian swimwear, exploring the innovation and creativity that is reshaping the beach scene. Celebrating uniqueness and individuality, these swimwear lines inspire us to embrace our true selves fearlessly, leaving a positive impact on fashion and society as a whole.

Humankind Swim 

You might have seen them on TikTok or other parts of the internet as queer influencers are talking about the brand making the most comfortable and gender-affirming queer and lesbian swimsuits. Humankind was founded by Haily Marzullo, who is a queer woman that was looking for gender-inclusive swimwear.

Their swim tops include swim tops similar to sports bras as well as compression swim tops for those wanting a flatter chest appearance. 

Humankind’s swim trunks come in 5’’ and 6.5’’, and they also have a swim liner.


TomboyX is a brand well-known for its androgynous clothing. Its swim collection provides a variety of gender neutral and inclusive options, including a Swim Sport Top, Swim Tank, Swim Racerback Unisuit, and  Zip Racerback Top. For bottoms, they have a variety of short options like the Swim High Waisted Boy Short, Swim 7’’ Board Short, and Swim 9’’ Shorts with Pockets.

Both& Apparel Swim

We’ve written about Both& Apparel’s transmasc everyday clothing and interviewed the founder on the importance of having clothes that fit how you want them to fit. Both&’s swim collection has the same mission.

Their “Romeo Swim” swim tank fits close and snug in the neck and arms, and the tank doesn’t cling to your hips. The “Elliot”, which is their transmasc swim trunk, is made with a packing pouch, a more boxy fit, and lightweight elastic to not accentuate the hips. Finally, their swim friendly packer is an option for those that want to wear a packer while in the water.


OutPlay has a variety of options for androgynous swimwear. They have full coverage tops in both tank and long sleeve styles. They also have a variety of compression tops. The Flatsea Compression Swim Top is full coverage with a high neckline that eliminates any cleavage. 

The Swimmee Solid Compression Swim Top is similar but cut more like a sports bra. However, it has a higher neckline and smaller side arm holes than a traditional sports bra. It has the right amount of compression to keep you feeling confident without having the rigidness of a traditional binder. There are also swim shorts, boardshorts, and bikini bottoms.

Beefcake Swimwear

Beefcake Swimwear has one piece and androgynous swimwear that is inspired by the 1920’s. Their sizes range from XS-5X. They also have pieces specifically made for long torsos. The shoulder straps stay the same and the length is added to the body of the suit.

Untag Swimwear

Untag Swimwear has great options for transfem swimwear, including tucking swim bottoms. They also have great transmasc and gender neutral options, including packing swim bottoms, swim binders and swimsuits, and swim tops and swimsuits.


Chromat has a gender inclusive swimwear line that includes supportive tops, bikini bottoms, swim skirts, one piece suits and more.


GenderBender has a variety of swim options including swim binders, tucking shorts, lace one pieces, boardshorts, longer bikini tops, lace one pieces, and more.

We know how hard it can be to find affirming and gender neutral swimwear. We hope this guide has given you a useful direction in discovering the swimwear that makes you feel your best in and out of the water.

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