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How to Find the Right Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is one of those travel expenses that gets debated hard. You’ll find some seasoned travelers arguing both sides of this.  After all, it’s your dream vacation nothing can go wrong, right? The reality is travel of all types comes with risk. Having a bag stolen, picking up a stomach bug or something worse like a broken leg while unlikely is possible.

Life just happens. When You’re mixing in things like more physical activity than you are accustomed to or multiple accommodation changes those risks increase. As an LGBT traveler, there are additional safety concerns to keep in mind. Having the safety net of travel insurance means never having to make a safety decision based on budget.

What Travel Insurance Plan is Best for You

When deciding on your travel insurance you have to take the time and do a bit of digging to find a policy that works for you. Like all types of insurance, things can vary drastically from plan to plan. Finding the one that covers the things you deem necessary is key to your peace of mind.  A great comparison of different travel insurance options can be found at . The travel insurance you choose should cover a range of incidents. There are typically two types of policies, a basic travel insurance policy covering thing like baggage, missed flights or cancelations based on illness. The second is a Comprehensive travel insurance policy covering those same basics plus medical and dental emergencies or evacuations.

Most of us have a pretty set budget when traveling overseas. It comes without saying those budgets are often not structured to absorb large medical bills.

Travel Insurance Options

The right type of travel insurance for you is entirely dependent on your circumstances, preferences Here are a couple common points to think through.

Domestic or an International Policy

 A Basic, mid-range, or comprehensive policy option

Single or annual (multi-trip) policies

Single traveler, couples, families, or seniors policies

Keeping the excess and claim time in mind is going to help you to choose a policy more suited to your needs, and remember that the cheapest policy is not always the best way to go. A policy should offer you the highest financial protection available and should protect you from a wide range of incidents. You cannot put a price on your peace of mind.

Planning your trip should not be done without the peace of mind of having your own travel insurance.

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To grow you have to make yourself uncomfortable. Use your next vacation as a chance to grown, while still having a financial safety net.

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