Get access to 150+ networks that PAY content creators.

Are you struggling to monetize your blog without much traffic? I made $37,000 last year with less than 25,000 unique views per month through these networks alone.
Tired of being broke? I can’t blame you. Being a content creator is a difficult job. Some days it feels like a never-ending race to convince people our work is worthy of a paycheck. Contrary to popular belief, you can make money as a creator even with a small following.
When I started Dopes on the Road in early 2013, it was a way to get all of my LGBT travel safety tips out of my head and out into the world – literally, so they wouldn’t keep me awake at night.
Eventually, I started building relationships with other bloggers. When I started sharing my insider tips on how I was able to make a full-time income from working with brands without having millions of followers, I was pretty quickly inundated with questions all from bloggers asking for advice on how they could work with brands, too.
BUT I was traveling the world, maintaining my relationship, and selling freelance articles about my adventures.
So, I was pretty busy.
All while building Dopes on the Road on the side and really starting to create a hub of knowledge for LGBT travelers….slowly but surely Dopes on the Road grew. Like a lot.
In December 2017, one day I was chatting with my wife about ways we could help other bloggers and it hit me. Most bloggers need help finding opportunities.  
It was just a few weeks before the holidays in Merida, Mexico and rather than thinking about tinsel and eggnog I was building an excel spreadsheet of companies I’d worked with in the past.
2.2 seconds later, I was obsessed with the idea.
And just like that, the first Companies that Pay database for bloggers was born, an online database and guide all about bloggers with smaller audiences learning to work with brands.
I immediately put my heart, soul, personal industry contacts into building out the database.
I launched the database, hoping that maybeeee 2-3 bloggers would use it and 1 of them could find something amazing they’d never done before.

Flash forward to a month later, and over 200 bloggers have the database.

The feedback was incredible with….

  • Bloggers pitching themselves to brands and hearing a YES within 24 hours
  • Bloggers doubling their income from brand collaborations
  • Bloggers saying they learned more from the guide about monetization than they had in several years of blogging.

How does it help you?

Easy Navigation

It takes some time to set up all the networks but once you do you’ll find thousands of businesses looking to work with content creators on their newest marketing plans. Some even offer niche specific mailing lists to help you sort through the options.

Brands Come to You

Most networks send out weekly emails with the opportunities they have available for creators. This saves you time and money because you’re not wasting resources sending pitches to brands that have no intentions of working with influencers.

Minimize Pitching Time

Most of us would rather be out doing and experiencing than sitting inside typing out emails. The database is editable so you can add notes and columns to organize it in the way that suits you best. All your influencer networks are organized and in one place which allows you to focus on creating.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's in the Guide?

The guide comes with a 12-page downloadable ebook exposing the secrets of monetizing a blog and accompanying editable Excel database conveniently categorized by type.

What Types of Companies are Included?

The database includes 100 influencer networks, 15 affiliate companies, 15 advertising and PR agencies, 12 promotional content firms, 7 syndication networks, and 3 blogging job boards.

How to Pitch Brands?

The guide will get you started with some of the best pointers for pitching brands through public relations agencies and influencer networks.

Get access to 150+ networks that PAY content creators.