17 Examples Times WNBA All-Star Weekend a Runway for Androgynous Fashion

androgynous fashion looks from WNBA All Star weeken

Last week, the WNBA All-Star Game lit up the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona, with Team USA facing off against Team WNBA. Team WNBA took the win with a final score of 117-109, but the real buzz started well before the game. The athletes walked the orange carpet in style, turning the “tunnel” into a […]

17 Queer Olympians Competing for Team USA in 2024

LGBTQ Olympians Breanna Stewart, Raven Saunders and Nikki Hiltz

The 2024 Olympics in Paris, France, are almost here, and I couldn’t be more pumped! It’s a fantastic time for women’s sports, and tons of queer athletes will play pivotal roles in their events. I have such incredible memories of watching the Olympics with my family and am so excited by the fact that this […]

The History, Origin, Meaning, and Evolution of the Lesbian Flag

lesbian flag

The lesbian community has struggled to find a flag that feels symbolic of our unique identities, culture, and the ever-present quest for inclusivity. Unlike the widely recognized rainbow flag, which encompasses the LGBTQ+ experience in its entirety, the lesbian flag has undergone a fascinating journey of transformation.  This journey reflects the desire for a symbol […]

Why TomboyX Compression Tops Are a Game-Changer for All Body Types

Queer person wearing a compression top under a black t shirt

Are you looking for a stylish and gender-affirming addition to your wardrobe? Check out the compression tops from TomboyX. Their compression collection takes its cue from their popular classic tank design, featuring a smooth finish, flatlock seams offset from the shoulders, high armholes, and a longer length for streamlined lines and support. Made with stretch […]

Trans Voices: 12 Unforgettable Books by Trans Authors for Your Summer

Dive into our curated list featuring transgender authors and their powerful narratives. Whether you’re captivated by fast-paced fantasy or moved by inspiring memoirs, these books celebrate the voices of trans authors. Each story features transgender main characters crafted by authors who share their identities, offering diverse perspectives and experiences within the LGBTQ+ community. Don’t miss […]

“Queer Planet” Promises a Wild, Science-Backed Look at Queerness in Nature on Peacock

Queer Planet Key Art with two flamingos forming a heart with their beaks.

Peacock is tossing the tired nature doc script this Pride Month with “Queer Planet,” narrated by the ever-sardonic Andrew Rannells. Forget the snoozy lion hunts and narrated mating rituals – this isn’t your grandma’s animal special. Get ready for tongue-in-cheek jokes about queer culture woven throughout, as “Queer Planet” takes viewers on a global expedition […]

Nathalie Wine Bar: Unexpected Gem Where Wine & Community Collide

Nathalie Wine Bar in Boston, Massachusetts wasn’t on my radar, until a local Bostonian brought it to my attention. Stepping through the door, I was greeted by a space that felt both sophisticated and welcoming – an elegant leather booth beckoned, while playful 90s R&B music played from the speakers. It was clear that this […]

Queers You Should Know: Chef Tatiana Rosana

Chef Tatiana Rosana at Para Maria in Boston image by Brian Samuels

Award-winning Chef Tatiana Rosana, a first-generation Cuban-American raised in Miami, grew up surrounded by food. In her family meals were the center of every celebration and comfort in times of hardship. This instilled in her a deep love for food from a young age. Her love of food, family, and her Cuban roots are evident […]

Beyond the Parade: Uncovering Miami Beach Pride’s Hidden Gems for Queer Women

Miami Beach Pride isn’t just an event; it’s a colossal celebration that ignites the city’s biggest celebration of the year. From its humble beginnings as a neighborhood gathering, Miami Beach Pride has evolved into a global phenomenon that anticipates over 150,000 attendees, drawing in international stars and a lineup of entertainment that will leave you […]

Lesbian College: What are the Gayest Colleges in America?

Choosing a college is a monumental decision, but for lesbians, and queer women,  it’s more than just academic fit and campus charm. It’s about finding a vibrant community where you can thrive authentically, surrounded by acceptance and celebration. In a world that can sometimes feel unwelcoming, finding an accepting lesbian college isn’t just a bonus, […]