Every couple days, I get an email from a reader, a high school friend or a random family member asking me how I got started blogging or asking me for blog resources to improve their site. They see my blog as a rather abrupt left turn in my life. Before I started Dopes on the Road, I had a rather successful career as an LGBT activist and community educator. My degrees are in Methods of Social Research and Policy. I made all the “right” choices and did everything I was “supposed to do” to set my life up for the easy street. When they learned that I ditched financial security and took off to travel Asia…. well most people were a bit surprised.
They’re also usually surprised to see how successful I’ve been in my new profession. I never know how to react to that… like…. thanks?
They ask questions about how I learned to navigate the world of blogging and the politics of working with DMOs and tourism boards.
Honestly, I always feel a little stupid when I answer their questions honestly because the truth is, I just Googled it.
I owe all my success to the Google search engine.
I got really good at internet research back in my undergraduate days. I had a professor who used to hide a 6-inch statue of Socrates somewhere in Yates County, New York. He would send us clues online and we had to find it. The winning team got 15 points on their average and bragging rights for the rest of their lives. (I won twice. BOOM.)
The game taught me all the internet research skills I could ever need. PLUS research skills of the old school variety. He had me doing tombstone rubbings at midnight for a clue. He also had me in the library going over photos for the 1800s to find the name of a guy named Jonathan who died in 1894. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY GUYS NAMED JONATHAN DIED IN 1894?? a lot. a huge number in fact.
I ended up being able to recycle these skills into my life as an LGBT activist. I became self taught and learned more than my fair share about gender studies, social justice and political activism. In fact, I’ve never taken a class on any of these topics. Same goes for blogging. I learned through internet research, reading and listening to those around me who have infinite more wisdom on the topics I’m interested in.
I have taken a few online classes since my blog took off. One at the Matador Network and a few others through ByRegina.
I never realized these were skills until my girlfriend’s dad said to me one day, “how do you know how to book a flight?”
I kinda just looked at him stunned and said “I Googled it.”
He thought I was being a smart ass, but really that’s it. So with my superb Googling skills, I set out to find all the blog resources necessary to start a successful money making blog. I asked the experts around me, Googled my heart out and made a list of blog resources you could need. 
Since I got my start on the free advice of people who know more than I do, I thought I’d pass on that same wisdom to you, to pay it forward. Below you will find all the categories you need to start your own blog.
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Apps & Tools for Bloggers
Blogging Basics


  • Review: Matador Network New Media Classes By Meg Ten Eyck
  • Free Online Photography Class by Brandy Frank
  • The Online Workshop; Taking People from Prospects to Paid Clients by ByRegina
E-Book Making


Growing Your Audience
HTML, CSS & Coding
Make Great Content
Networking Tips
  • Tips for Travel Blogging Conferences by The Hostel Girl
  • 10 Dos and Don’ts for Your First Blogging Conference by Allume 
  • The Best Questions to Ask While Networking by Levo 
  • Networking Tips They Don’t Teach in College by Self 
  • How do you build your network by Levo
Niche Marketing


Social Media Strategy


Time Management



PS: This list will grow over time as I add new resources and new sections. If there is a category missing, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments. I’ll adding and expanding the library as technology changes and new areas of focus are created.