How to Have an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary Experience in Thailand

Animal tourism is a touchy subject. And, as awareness around animal tourism rises, the lens on ‘welfare centers’ and elephant sanctuaries become more critical (and rightly so). With more information out there tourists are becoming more and more cautious about where they put their money when it comes to animal experiences. And finding genuinely ethical […]

Disney Paris: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Pride

In 2019, for the first time, Disneyland® Paris made Magical Pride an official signature event on their calendar.  Magical Pride is a big step for the global company that has previously been hesitant to put its brand on anything LGBTQ+ related. The evening offered something for everyone, making it a suitable event for families, couples, […]

Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Dating Apps to Meet the Girl of Your Dreams

Lesbian Couple kissing on the city streets

Lesbian dating apps and websites are a popular way in the queer community to make friends, date, hook up, or find a forever match. From the option to state your pronouns and sexual orientation from day one to find the one other invisible femme in your small town, lesbian online dating has revolutionized some of […]