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4 Ways to Get Around in New York City

Visiting NYC can be daunting for folks who aren’t used to using public transportation. Luckily I have a cheat sheet for you guys right here.
Taking a cab in NYC is very convenient if you are traveling in a small a group. While cabs can be expensive they will drop you off exactly where you ask to go and they are accessible from almost any corner in Manhattan. For more information on taking cabs in NYC check out 10 Tips for Getting a Cab Like a Boss.
Subway & Bus
NYC’s subway system is very regular and very consistent. Each way is $2.50 and will take you just about anywhere you’d want to go in the five boroughs. If you are going to be in town for longer than a day or two invest in the unlimited pass it’s worth it if you are going more than two places per day. The pass works for all subway trains and MTA buses. If you’re worried about getting lost, download one of the many transit apps. I like City Mapper but there are a million out there. This $2 investment will save you lots of headaches and help you know exactly where to get on and off.
New Yorkers walk A LOT. Our idea of a short walk is worlds different than most people’s idea. When you visit NYC make sure you’re wearing good walking shoes, you’ll need them. Also, take a stroll down the Highline. It’s an old elevated railroad track turned urban park. It’s gorgeous and a great way to spend a warm afternoon.
Parking is a nightmare and extremely expensive. Plus, traffic is crazy and meter maids are quick to give parking tickets. I’ve known dozens of people who’ve gotten towed. I do not recommend driving in NYC unless you are very familiar with the traffic and parking patterns. If you have no problem driving in city traffic, then rental cars can be picked up at any of the airports.

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