This week I was really inspired by Sabina’s post at Globe Vs. Girl. She’s a 21-year-old blogger who has some serious wisdom in her writing. You know a piece of writing is good when you think about it for days after you read it. That was this post for me. After I read it, I was reminded of all the times I did things because I felt like I was “supposed” to do them.  When I got my first real job as an LGBT activist, I spent an insane amount of time thinking about what a serious professional should… do… say… think. Rather than being my 21-year old self, I became a stressed out caricature of a young professional. (Spoiler; that never works out in your favor.)
After two years of trying to force myself into the image of the perfect activist, I went away for a weekend with a group of my closest friends. We were sitting around a fire and everyone was taking turns talking about each person in our group. When it got to my turn, everything they said about me was connected to my work. Days later, when I was still thinking about their comments, I realized I had lost myself somewhere on the way to becoming an LGBT activist. I became “Gay Activist Meg” and couldn’t separate my identity from what I did for work. All I had ever been up to that point was an activist. I took a deep breath and looked around me. I realized that everything in my life was connected to being gay and the movement. I didn’t have a single friend that was straight. Unless you counted the handful of people on Facebook who commented on my posts, I didn’t even know anyone who was straight.
That’s when I had a nervous breakdown an awakening. It’s been a year and a half since that breakdown  awakening. I woke up one morning and decided to say “fuck it, I’m going to do what I want to do.” I packed my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Korea. This was a pretty radical left turn for someone who ate the same takeout meals every day for a year. Since being in Korea, I’ve determined that I’m done doing “what I’m supposed to do” and instead will live for me and my happiness. With that in mind, here is a list of things you could do when you’d rather NOT grow up.
1. Backpack Thailand

Backpack Thailand-30 Things To Do When You Don't Want To Grow Up- Lesbian Travel Guide-

Trying real hard to get that Hippie Wander Chic look in Thailand

2. Stay up all night to watch the sunrise. 
3. Buy something really expensive 
4. Start a blog 
5. Learn to DJ
6. Take LOTS of Selfies 
7. Travel without a reason 
8. Go to Dinah Shore 
Dinah Shore-30 Things To Do When You Don't Want To Grow Up- Lesbian Travel Guide-

Oh HEY; it’s Me & Bly at Dinah in 2013. Click the photo to check out her Youtube Videos

9. Take a class for fun 
10. Play in a beer league 
11. Move to another country to pick fruit on a farm (no really, it’s a thing… an awesome thing). 
12. Go to Brunch
13. Go to Santa Con
Santa Con NYC- 30 Things To Do When You Don't Want To Grow Up- Lesbian Travel Guide-


14. Dance in the rain 
15. Teach English in Asia 
16. Organize an elaborate theme party with friends 
Beer Olympics-30 Things To Do When You Don't Want To Grow Up- Lesbian Travel Guide-

Don’t judge…It was the beer olympics okay?

17. Celebrate a ridiculous holiday, I’m going hard for Arbor Day this year.
18. Make out with a stranger.
19. Sleep in a hostel (you won’t get murdered, I promise)
20. Volunteer for a cause you love. 
21. Learn to make really awesome youtube videos 
22. Go to a strip club 
23. NYC Pride 
NYC Pride-30 Things To Do When You Don't Want To Grow Up- Lesbian Travel Guide-

Inspire. Hope. Change

24. Get REALLY drunk 
26. Throw a fake Bachelorette party 
Throw a Fake Bachelorette Party- 30 Things To Do When You Don't Want To Grow Up- Lesbian Travel Guide-

This looks worse than it actually was….

27. Spend a summer on your own “Great American Road Trip” 
28. Experiment with shopping cart jousting 
29. Make a fur bikini and go to Burning Man. 
30. Use a fake accent to hit on someone at a bar. 
Regardless of what you do, make sure it’s something you WANT to do & not something you feel like you should do. I’ve decided to stay true to myself, and ya know what? My life feels so much more LIVED.

What is something you’d rather do than grow up?