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3 LGBT-Friendly Stops on for Your California Road Trip

California is widely considered to be one of the most progressive states in the US. With myriads of fun activity choices, big cities, and outdoor adventure you’ll be able to choose your adventure in California. California is a great destination for domestic and international LGBT visitors.

Driving around California is one best way to explore all its top attractions. If this idea of road travel interests you, then read on to learn the top-rated LGBT-friendly pit stops for your next California road trip.

San Diego

Before setting out on a road expedition from San Diego, fuel up at the ATypical Waffle House, which offers many traditional and innovative waffle meals to satisfy your cravings. 

For beach excursions and world-class surfing experience, drive to San Diego’s Black’s Beach, which offers a safe haven for all LGBT travelers. Swim, surf, and party here at this serene, secluded beach enveloped by bluffs; then stop by the Hillcrest after the sun sets.

Hillcrest, the gay epicenter of San Diego, boasts swanky bars, high-end restaurants, and many LGBT-friendly nightclubs. Baja Betty’s, Gossip Grill, and Flick’s are some of the top choices among gay travelers for tasty food, warm ambiance, and upbeat music.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles’s Orange County and beaches are the ultimate fun stops if you and your partner love Disneyland, piers, and beaches. If you are here for more than a day, then plan your days ahead to fit in all interesting activities into your schedule.

Drive straight to the San Onofre State Beach Park in Los Angeles to surf, sail, and swim. This is the only beach park with a designated section for gay and queer folks. Laguna Beach, which is just 30 minutes from here, also offers a gorgeous beachfront promenade, which is often regarded as a gay mecca. 

Nightlife in the City of Angels cannot be complete without a visit to the LGBT bar strip centered towards San Vicente and Santa Monica, which features endless choices. 

Montebello is a perfect place to shop, dine, and find budget-friendly and luxury lodging options near L.A. After swearing in its first American lesbian mayor last year, Montebello soon became a booming LGBTQ tourist destination. Within Montebello, you will find a casino hotel, excellent shopping outlets, and premier golf clubs for your entertainment.

Palm Springs

With year-round sunshine, an opulent resort scene, and a globally acclaimed LGBT Pride, Palm Springs is a much-loved destination in California. The town’s colorful shopping and dining scene, scenic Colorado Desert, and a significant LGBTQ contingency in recent years have made this sunny Californian city a much-loved LGBT area for exploration. 

Apart from its internationally acclaimed events and pride, the city also hosts the Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend, an immensely popular party for queer women.

After spending a few days here, hit the road again to drive along California’s most scenic Pacific Coast until you reach San Francisco, a city famed for its beguiling LGBT history. As you explore these LGBT-friendly regions, you’ll gain a fresh sense of appreciation for the welcoming environments and adventures that await you.

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