100 Pieces of Travel Advice I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me

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1. Make an itinerary with times and confirmation numbers
2. Print said itinerary out AND email it to everyone in your group
3. Buy a universal adapter
4. Check the cost of your flight on Skyscanner and Kayak before purchasing
5. Always book the accommodations for the first night of travel in advance.
6. Street food won’t kill you.
7. Pack liquids in a ziploc bag.
8. Pack things inside your shoes.
9. Don’t check bags… ever.
10. Buy an extra battery for your camera
11. Take pictures of everything and at every angle.
12. Don’t buy crap touristy souvenirs. Save your purchases for something truly special.
13. Try the local food, you’ll find at least one thing you like.

El Nido Beach Hotel in the Philippines
Take pictures everywhere in every angle of everything. You’ll regret coming home without those memories.

14. Wear sunscreen!
15. Pack a small container of medicines for long trips.
16. Tampons are important.
17. Try to learn a handful of phrases in the local language.
18. Get TSA pre-screened if you’re an American.
19. Buy a nice case for your passport. It protects it from sun damage.
20. If you’re backpacking, make sure your pack fits your body.
21. Bring at least one nice outfit for going out.
22. Snacks and activities for the flight are a life saver.
23. Negotiate the cost of a cab/tuk tuk BEFORE you get in.
24. Haggle.
25. Scan your important documents and email them to yourself.
26. Travel with an emergency credit card.
27. Be careful when taking out cash from an ATM, foreign fees add up.
28. Don’t forget to let your bank know you’ll be out of the country.
29. Call your girlfriend before you take off, she might miss you during that 20-hour flight.
30. Virgin America has outlets!
31. Dress comfortably but not like a slob on the flight, you never know who you’ll meet.
32. Always bring a nice scarf, they double as a blanket, wrap and a towel in a bind.
33. Do your homework before leaving the country. There is nothing worse than a culturally insensitive douche.
34. Also; research the destination. You’d be shocked at what you can find.
35. Opt for hotel rooms that have a safe.
36. Travel with a luggage lock.
37. Dramamine is your friend.
38. Talk to the people around you, I’ve met some really cool people in hotels and airports.
39. Take your shoes and belt off BEFORE getting to the front of the TSA line.
40. Bring a power strip with you when flying domestically and you’ll be the airport hero.
41. Pack any important electronics or paperwork in ziplock bags
42. Selfie sticks seem dumb on TV but they’re pretty awesome for taking photos on vacation.
Lotte World; Seoul South Korea
Selfie Sticks for the WIN

43. Remember to plan a chill day when traveling for more than a week consecutively.
44. Long layovers can add an extra adventure to your trip.
45. Sleep with your head on your bags in the airport.
46. NEVER put your bag on top of the bus.
47. Learn about responsible animal tourism.
48. Research sex tourism and decide in advance how you can participate ethically if you’re interested.
49. Pack condoms and birth control.
50.  Understand tipping culture in the country you’re visiting.
51. Make sure you have at least 6 months left on your passport before leaving the country.
52. Bring an alternative form of ID
53. Upload your photos to a USB drive or cloud periodically
54. Don’t leave your stuff unoccupied.
55. But don’t walk around like a guarded tourist thinking everyone is going to steal from you.
56. Double and triple check your flight times.
57. In a bind, you can usually get a ride to the airport for the right price.
58. Don’t buy, gold, gemstones, pearls or any type of expensive jewelry from a street vendor. You have no way to prove its value.
59. Not all postal services are reliable.
60. Pack anything valuable in your hand luggage.
61. Packing cubes are awesome.
62. Exchange a little bit of currency before arriving.
63. Not everyone speaks English.
64. Booking hotel rooms in advance cuts down on corruption, waiting till the last minute might get you a deal.
65. Pictures are more important than looking like a local.
66. Take some time to look decent. Most of my photos from Thailand look awful because I didn’t bother to do my hair or makeup half the trip.
67. Invest in a good bag, you don’t want it ripping all over the sidewalk in NYC like I did two years ago.
100 things I wished I knew about Travel
Great packs are worth their weight in gold.

68. Read blog posts about the places you’re going.
69. ALWAYS get the WiFi password
70. Some touristy stuff is really awesome, some isn’t so awesome. Doing your research in advance will help you sort out what to hit and what to skip.
71. Keep a travel journal. It’ll help you keep memories of your time on the road. I write all the little details I would have forgotten like the names of restaurants and places we stopped on the side of the road.
72. Choose your travel partner wisely. Sometimes spending 24/7 in a strange place with someone can get really intense.
73. Trust your gut, if it doesn’t feel right don’t go for it.
74. Volunteer when you can. Giving back to the community you’re visiting is often times one of the best memories of travel.
75. Budgeting while traveling is possible.
76. But don’t skip out on experiences because of the cost. Memories have real value.
77. Ask for help if you need it, people are generally pretty friendly.
78. Download CreateTrips on your phone to have access to off line mobile apps.
79. Give yourself some wiggle room to get to the airport/train station. Almost missing a flight is the most anxiety-inducing problem… ever.
80. Don’t schedule too much. Having some time for spontaneous activity is always fun.
81. When things start to get chaotic realize that you’re probably either: tired… hungry… or too hot.
82. Ask locals for recommendations.
83. Rainy days can still be really fun. I spent a rainy day painting elephant statues at Elephant Parade House in Chiang Mai.
84.  Using an adapter in a hair dryer will destroy your hair dryer.
85. Travel insurance is a great idea.
86. Accept that there are always challenges when traveling with pets.
100 things I wished I knew about Travel
Traveling with pets is always tough.

87. Research the experiences of LGBT people in the area you’re visiting. Pay specific attention to the experience of gender non-conforming folks.
88. In some countries, Extreme Adventure tourism has a whole different level of intense.
89. Do not take Pepcid if you think you’re having traveler’s stomach. It’ll make you poop more.
90. Traveling during the off season can save a ton of money. Thailand during monsoon season was still really awesome.
91. Squat toilets are not that bad.
92. Be careful when chatting politics in some countries, not everyone has freedom of expression. Use this guide for tips and tricks.
93. Having a food or item that you look for while traveling is a fun game that makes you feel a bit more at home. I eat crepes in every country.
94. City passes and Coupon books really cut down on the cost of sightseeing.
95. If you’re traveling with sensitive materials, make sure you’re aware of the local laws.
96. Take time for self-care. Vacation can be really tiring.
97. Be prepared for the weather within reason. It’s going to be hot in the middle east in the summer.
98. Postcards are an easy to pack high-quality souvenir.
99. Remember to share the things you learned with those you love.
100. Take time to process your experiences when you return home.

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  1. Such a good list! I can’t believe you came up with a hundred items lol. There were so many points that I was reading and found myself nodding my head in agreement. One thing that stands out to me though — Dramamine. Seriously a life saver. I’m Canadian and had never heard of this miracle drug before reading other travel blogs but it’s worth the search — so much better than Gravol!

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