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Fit For A Femme

Aja Aguirre is that slightly intimidating cool girl I realllllly want to know in real life. Her blog Fit For A Femme was born in 2008 out of a need for a body-positive femme-focused space for queer women. She celebrates queer women of color, personal creativity and femmes of all stripes. I love her modern twist on classic and vintage style.


DapperQ  is the leading website for unconventionally masculine style. DapperQ produces original content and events across the US. Last year, they partnered with Brooklyn Museum to create (Un)heeled the world’s largest celebrations of masculine style for women, gender queers, and trans-identified individuals. The fashion editorials are beautifully styled photo shoots featuring trans and gender nonconforming folks. He Said/We Said by editor Anita Dolce Vita is a particular favorite.


Autostraddle is the beginning middle and end of girl on girl internet content. Not THAT kind of girl on girl, guys- jeesh get your head out of the gutter. Okay, well… maybe there is a bit of THAT kind of content on Autostraddle but I promise I like it for other things beyond LezboSexy Sunday. They have great content on news, culture and vapid fluff too! New Life Goal: MUST write for Autostraddle.

Queer Fat Femme

Queer Fat Femme is a personal blog chronicling the life of activist and all around badass Bevin Branlandingham. I used to attend her party Rebel Cupcake when I lived in Brooklyn and loved the glittery-queer tint to the event. I have a strong respect for her position on body positivity. Her series “Half the Self Hate” is everything I need in my life. She interviews artists, activists, and performers who practice self-love throughout their lives.

Globetrotter Girls

Dani Heinrich of Globetrotter Girls has been traveling the world since 2010. She started her travel blog as a means to document her one-year round-the-world trip, but never stopped traveling. Her site offers practical tips and guides for travel, but one of my favorite posts is a recent article she wrote about femme invisibility and it impacts on solo lesbian travel.

Everyone is Gay

Danielle and Kristin of Everyone is Gay are really youtubers, bloggers, and activists. They run this awesome program called The Parents Project that aims to help support parents of LGBT youth. On their blog, they have an advice column for LGBT youth that makes my heart happy.

Black Girl Dangerous

Black Girl Dangerous was started by writer Mia McKenzie in 2011 as a platform to amplify the voices of queer and trans people of color. BGD has a focus on social justice, empowerment and community building. BGD’s writing on #BlackLivesMatter and race in America has been a huge point of learning for me in the last year. They have featured over 200 writers from around the world and act as a sounding board for important issues that are swept under the rug by mainstream media.


After Ellen is all things lesbian pop culture. They offer a fun and feminist perspective on entertainment news for queer women. Founded in 2002, it’s one of the oldest lesbian sites on the internet. They’re well known for their TV recaps and celebrity news. *AfterEllen is no longer run by Queer Women and is not run as a for-profit blog run by straight men. This has created some controversy within the community. However, the content from previous writers does still exist on the site.

The Fab Femme

The Fab Femme is a blog dedicated to unifying femmes around the world. Editor, Aryka Randall, focuses on news, events and femme lifestyle. I really love her Fashionista Femme series and the emphasis on LGBT viral content from around the internet.

Nicolette Mason

Nicolette Mason is a femme fashion blogger who chronicles her passion for style, travel, and design on her blog Her blog is a visual feast for the eyes. She photographs everything from gorgeous heels to household decor. She’s worked with just about everyone in the fashion industry from her custom Christian Siriano wedding gown to her partnership with Target’s Ava & Viv.  Did I mention she’s also a contributing editor for Marie Claire Magazine? I love her clean, visual layout and the gorgeous colorful photos she includes in every single post.

3 Responses

  1. Wonderful, wonderful roundup! Always glad to find new stuff to add to ye olde blogroll.
    Side note: Any pointers for Portugal? There’s a good chance we’ll be headed that way this summer and I’d love all the tips and tricks I can get. Really wanting gorgeous beachside action without all the crowds, so focusing on Sagres and Tavira, unless that’s way off base!

      1. Yes, thank you so much for this! We are bookending our time in Sagres (by train!) with some nights in Lisbon, I have the feeling it’s going to be love.
        Also yes to drinks, that would be awesome. Yay!

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